About Teknel Agriculture

Veli Tarhan - Founder & General Manager

Teknel Agriculture Vision

Our company was established as a partnership with the restructuring of 20 years of experience. The name of our company is determined by the influence of the Anatolian culture. In Efe and Zeybek culture, the laurel tree was called “teknel”. The name of Teknel Agriculture company has been determined as a reflection of this culture. The Laurel tree is a symbol of death as much as it is a symbol of its devotion. In this context, our company adopts the principle of establishing loyal relationships with the customer.


Tons of Harvest


Modern Machine

Manufacturing Facilities

Our manufacturing facilities, equipped with the most up-to-date technical equipment, consist of 2500 m² closed area and 8000 m² construction site. We serve with our 27-person working team.